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04 january 2017, 04:48

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Solar panels It is estimated that if in the Sahara desert to place solar panels on the territory of 160 square kilometers it is possible to completely abandon all other sources and types of energy oil gas uranium water wind and so on.Solar panels consist of silicon.Silicon the most common material on the ground for example sand. So what's the problem Many of us suspect that way polucheniya electricity from sunlight is known for about 130 years. The phenomenon of the photoelectric effect was first observed by Edmond Becquerel in 1839. This accidental discovery went unnoticed vpilot to 1873 when Willoughby Smith discovered a similar effect when irradiated with light selenium plate. And while his first experiences were far from perfect, they marked the beginning of the history of semiconductor solar cells. In search of new sources of energy in the bell labs had invented the silicon solar cell which was the predecessor of today's solar photovoltaics. Only in the early 50-ies of the 20th century, a solar cell has achieved a relatively high degree of perfection. According to the principle of a solar cell is a photovoltaic direct current generator which uses the effect of converting radiant energy into electrical energy. More precisely, in solar cells used property of semiconductors based on silicon crystals. The quanta of light falling on the semiconductor plate knock out an electron from the outer orbit of an atom of the chemical element that creates enough free electrons to create electrical current. The most simple experiment with solar panels you can do yourself from the comfort of home any transistor having a p-n junction can be used for these purposes. At school age we tried to do it with transistors П213 firstly it is big and gives a maximum current while the second was very affordable. Cover is cut from washed white powder kantaka two are connected to a voltmeter and you can experiment in the sun. The voltage and current paltry 15-20 millivolt but it was fun Then there was the first small solar battery from a broken calculator that was a godsend was very much appreciated. It is now gosucup is everything and a broken calculator with legs flying up in the trash. Who knows that time and spent it in search of interesting and experiments and did not sit as now morning to evening VKontakte from your iPod will understand. sizes can be very different to entire space stations applications solar calculator toys watch lanterns lamps even lighting poles and Bluetooth Options for tourists wireless keyboard phone booth we ain't gonna live abut with

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