Flexible solar panels

04 january 2017, 04:49

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Kit 1 solar FreeSolar-50 Consists of 1. Solar panel power 50W. size 760 540 25mm. 2. Controller for battery on 12 volt or 24 V. 3. Two terminals for battery and connecting wires. 4. 12Вgt 220V inverter converts DC 12V to AC 220V. 5. Set of adapters for charging laptop, mobile phone and other gadgets. All connections are made by qualified installers subject to the rules of electrical wiring and equipment of fire safety. You only need to put terminals on our kit, your batteries may be of any capacity from 20Ач and above. The battery capacity depends only on the time that you need to charge it. Assuming a standard car battery 54 Ah battery from our battery charger on solar batteries will charge in 18 hours. If you want to reduce the time of charge then use the Set 2 FreeSolar-100 with it, you charge the battery twice as fast for 9 hours. Connection diagram of solar panels, controller, inverter and battery. The appearance of the controller for solar panels. The controller is required to control charge of the battery. The appearance of the inverter. The inverter is necessary for receiving the AC voltage from 220 Volts DC 12 Volts. With 220 volts you can connect to solar panels appliances. Specifications solar panel. The power of solar panels FreeSolar-50 50W Output voltage 20.6 In The voltage under load 17.4 In Short-circuit current 3.47 And Operating current 2.89 And Operating temperature range -40 to +80 The base material aluminium Degree of protection IP68 Lifetime 20 years Dimensions Dimensions l x W x h mm 760 540 25 Weight 1.85 kg Features 1. Semi flexible light. 2. Durable aluminum base on the back side of the solar cell. 3. No glass therefore does not break. 4. Light weight for easy carrying. 5. With a thickness of only 25 mm can be easily mounted on the screws on an uneven surface such as the hull is the roof the roof of the car. 6. On the solar panel you can step in the Shoe with a soft sole. 7. High efficiency monocrystalline solar panels of 20%. 8. Not afraid of scratches. 9. Easy to install kit is ready to use. Kit 1 is a ready charger on solar batteries. Our kits can be used as 1. Solar panels for the house. 2. Solar panels for home. 3. Solar battery for phone. 4. Solar battery for laptop. 5. The solar-powered lighting. 6. The solar-powered lighting. 7. Solar panels for the garden.Buy solar panels and ready

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