Heating homes with solar panels

04 january 2017, 04:48

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The content of the article Heating homes with solar panels one of the most successful and economical ways to use sunlight to economic needs. The main source of energy is completely harmless to human health and non-toxic for the environment. The main component of the home solar power plant is a special battery or panel. They are placed in the open sun with a certain angle some models able to capture the sun's rays at any position and away from dark places. The more such units connected to the house the more they extract solar energy thereby reducing the cost of consumption of other resources. The use of facilities for the collection of solar energy is justified in areas with a hot climate which has no sudden changes throughout the year or certain periods. In this case, the use of solar panels would be most effective although some types of devices are able to capture solar energy even in cloudy weather. Many experts do not recommend heating the house with solar panels to the system and to combine it with usual water or electric heating During installation and use of solar panels is to follow a few rules Additional insulation of walls and design of the home will reduce heat loss and as a consequence to save on electricity consumption in winter and autumn. In compliance with all conditions of installation and operation of solar panels for heating the house will last at least 25 years. The main task of solar installations is to extract energy from sunlight and its conversion into electricity. Solar battery is a complex system composed of several interacting with each other elements. The principle of its operation is quite simple rays of sunlight fall onto a silicon wafer which in turn is offset from the silicon electrons in orbits of atoms. In the end, all liberated electrons become the electric current. The number of silicon plates in one battery may vary in different values but the optimum number is 30-40 PCs. All plates are interconnected and connected into one whole that makes the overall installation much more powerful. The efficiency of solar panels also depends on the intensity of sunlight and the location of each device. Indirect factors affecting the efficiency of the modules are the climate geographical location, seasonality, etc. The main advantage of the use of solar installations is the cost savings on heating the house because the main source of energy sunlight is given to us in free

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