How to calculate the power solar panels for home

04 january 2017, 04:48

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Solar panels are becoming every year more popular stand-alone systems are an alternative to traditional electricity. Especially popular are the installation of solar collectors in a suburban area in the cottages where there is no supply of electricity. When buying solar panels for home owners primarily interested in how much power the batteries will need to satisfy all the urgent needs. Since the system can provide electricity to many devices only in the case where the power consumption will not be higher than the amount of energy produced by the generator. The system consists of 4 main components Calculation of solar power for home is relevant primarily to the fact that with all the financial and material constraints, it is important to know what results to expect from the batteries and whether it is worth to buy such a power supply system. For each mode of energy use has its own system of calculation. The basis of the calculations of the required energy data is obtained about the possibility of the Sun the power of solar radiation and it is also worth to calculate how much energy you plan to consume. You can do this yourself by looking in the table the Calculation of power consumption Table electricity consumption This takes into account Setting the angle of the panel it is important to determine will be using batteries or assumes year-round operation only in the summer. Preferably installed panels tilt angle is 15° more than the latitude. The greater the slope the more efficient energy production. Calculation of the solar battery is preferably carried out with the data and the horizontal and vertical panels. In order to evaluate the performance of solar panels it is advisable to take for calculations the worst winter month of January in Moscow and the summer maximum July in Moscow. Standard stream of sunlight at 25° in 1 BKW is the rated power of the solar panel. Taking monthly insolation and multiplying it by the ratio of the maximum capacity of insolation and battery you can get a yield assessment battery for a particular month. Production of photovoltaic panels is calculated according to the formulas 1. ESB = ESS x RSB x rins ESB energy solar insolation batarians 1 m particular month from a table of transmission efficiency electric tokars nominal power batarians maximum power of insolation of 1 m of the earth's surface. You can also do the power calculation of solar panels needed for the monthly consumption. 2. RSB = rins x ESB ESS x In the calculation of efficiency it is possible to lay the loss of 10 to 25% which can occur from the cheapest inspectors charge which

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