How to make solar panels with their hands

04 january 2017, 04:48

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Life style Organic such a popular idea in recent years suggests harmonious human relationships with the environment. The stumbling block of any ecological approach is the use minerals to generate energy. The emission of toxic substances and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere combustion of fossil fuels is gradually killing the planet. Therefore, the concept of green energy which does not harm the environment is the basic Foundation of many new energy technologies. One of such directions of obtaining ecologically clean energy is the technology of converting sunlight into an electric current. Yes, exactly what we will talk about the solar panels and the possibility of installing systems for Autonomous energy supply in a country house. Currently, commercial production plants based on solar panels used for total energy and heating of the cottage are at least 15-20 thousand dollars in the guaranteed service life of about 25 years. The cost of any cryogenic system in terms of the ratio of the guaranteed period of operation average annual expenditures on utility the contents of a country house rather high first today, the average cost of solar electricity is comparable with the purchase of energy from Central power grids second simultaneously require capital investment to install the system. It is customary to divide the solar system designed to heat and energy supply. In the first case, technology is used solar collector in the second photoelectric effect to generate electric current in solar cells. We want to talk about the possibility of self-production of solar panels. Technology hand-built solar energy system is quite simple and affordable. Practically every Russian can collect the individual energy system with high efficiency at a relatively low cost. It is beneficial to accessible and even fashionable. Getting started making solar system you need to pay attention to that when individual Assembly is not necessary to simultaneously install a fully functional system it can be increased gradually. If the first experience is successful it makes sense to extend the functionality of a solar system. In essence a solar panel is a generator working on the basis of the photovoltaic effect converts solar energy into electrical energy. The light quanta impinging on the silicon wafer with the last kick of the electron orbit atomic silicon. This effect creates a sufficient number of free electrons constitute the flow of electric current. Before assembling the batteries need to be defined in the type

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