Make solar panels for home with their hands

04 january 2017, 04:48

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For a long time a lot of solar panels were either bulky panels on satellites and space stations or low-power solar cells in pocket calculators. This was due to the primitiveness of the first monocrystalline silicon solar cells, they not only had low efficiency of not more than 25% in theory in practice about 7% but also significantly lose efficiency at a deviation angle from 90. Considering that in Europe in cloudy weather, the power density of solar radiation may fall below 100 Втм2 to obtain any significant power required too large area solar cells. So the first solar power plant was built only in conditions of maximum light output and clear weather that is in the deserts near the equator. The contents A significant breakthrough in the creation of solar cells returned the interest in solar energy so the cheapest and most available polycrystalline silicon cells though, and have lower efficiency than monocrystalline but less sensitive to working conditions. Solar panel is based on polycrystalline plates will give a fairly stable voltage under variable cloud cover. More modern solar cells based on gallium arsenide have an efficiency of 40% but are too expensive for the manufacture of solar batteries with their own hands. The video is a story about the idea of building solar panels and its implementation For this purpose are available and are sold ready compact panel is designed as a quick-turn assemblies on the basis of a synthetic fabric. In Central Russia such a panel size of about 30 × 40 cm will be able to provide power in the range of 5 W at a voltage of 12 V. The larger battery will provide up to 100 watts of electrical power. It would seem it's not much but it is worth remembering the principle of operation of small wind turbines in them, the whole load is powered by a switching Converter from the battery pack which is charged from a low power wind turbine. Thus, it becomes possible to use more powerful consumers. Use the same principle when building a home solar power makes it more advantageous compared to the windmill in the summer the sun shines most of the day in contrast to the fickle and often absent wind. For this reason, the batteries will charge much faster day itself and the solar panel much easier to install than those requiring high mast wind generator. There is a meaning and to use solar panels exclusively as a source of emergency power. For example, if in a private house installed gas Central heating boiler with circulation pumps in case of power failure through pulsed Converter inverter

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