Solar battery with your hands-2 Sun battery with your hands. Part 1

04 january 2017, 04:49

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Continued Part 2Майкл Davis USA. A couple of years ago I bought remote land in Arizona. I'm an astronomer and I had the remote from the major cities a place for astronomical observations. I found such a place. The problem is that due to the remoteness of the site no no electionscoverage. Well actually for me it's not a problem. No electric power there is no night illumination of the sky. However, it would be good to have at least some electionscoverage because life in the twenty-first century, much depends on it. I built a wind generator for electrical supply in this area. It works well when the wind blows. Unfortunately I need more power. And this energy should be more stable. But I have a feeling that in my area the wind is always blowing but not when I need energy. In Arizona more than 300 days of sunshine in the sun so the battery seems like an obvious addition to the wind turbine. Unfortunately solar panels are not cheap so I decided to do everything by himself. Used the most common tools and inexpensive and common materials to make a battery of competing with commercial samples of power but does not leave them any chance for the price. So what is the sun battery SB is essentially is a container containing an array of solar cells. Solar items are those things which actually do all the work to convert solar energy into electricity. Unfortunately, to obtain sufficient power for practical applications solar cells have quite a lot. Also solar cells are VERY fragile. Therefore, and unite them in SB. The battery contains sufficient elements for a high power and protects the elements from damage. Doesn't sound too difficult. I'm sure I can do it myself. I started my project as usual with the search of online information at home Saturday and was shocked how little. The fact that few people made their own solar panels made me think that it must be very difficult. The idea was shelved but I never stopped thinking about her. After some time I came to the following conclusions the main obstacle in the construction of SB is acquiring solar cells at a reasonable price new solar cells are very expensive and hard to find in the normal amount for any money defective and damaged solar cells are available on eBay and elsewhere much cheaper the solar cells of the second grade may be used for the manufacture of solar panels When it dawned on me that I can use the defective items to make your SAT I went to work. Started with the purchase of items on eBay. I bought a few blocks

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