Solar panels

04 january 2017, 04:48

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Solar energy - future energy which is available already now. The energy is converted into electric current which can be used as a direct current loads and to accumulate in the battery. This generates a constant current. The energy can be used directly with different loads DC and stored in batteries for later use if necessary. Also, the battery can provide power to the peak load i.e. load current is provided by the sum of the currents from the panels and from the battery. If you need to 220V AC it is necessary to use the isolated DC / DC converters, AC - inverters. Each system of the Autonomous power supply includes a solar battery. The system consists of the solar charge controller and inverter converts stored battery energy to 220 volts.Typically solar panels are installed on the wall on the South wall or at the site so solar modules are much easier to install no need to seal the hole in the roof and clear the snow from. For energy storage using multiple battery lead car-like or gel type. Batteries gel type provide a much greater number of cycles of charge-discharge than lead but more expensive approximately twice. If lead batteries are almost not afraid of low temperatures it is known to all motorists that the gel should not be stored at temperatures below zero degrees in order to avoid loss of capacity. The sealed storage battery of any type in the house is absolutely safe, they do not emit into the air any harmful substances. The inverter will convert battery power voltage of 12 volts to 220 volts to power electrical appliances. There are inverters capable of running the backup generator in case of power shortage or discharge. Advanced inverters to independently produce switching between primary and backup power in case of main power, some models are able to add electrical capacity to the network core for power savings. Contrary to popular belief, in winter, the capacity of solar panels not less than in summer of course if we talk about the Sunny day. Just Sunny days in winter are shorter. Productivity does not depend on the temperature only from the radiation intensity. While the sun shines on the panel surface - 100% efficiency. With a small cloud cover the sun closed the panel power falls by about 25%. Under heavy clouds before the storm - 45%. Six elements with a total power of 900 watts will be issued in the Sunny weather

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