Solar panels for home heating

04 january 2017, 04:48

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The content of the article Modern technology has greatly expanded the possible ways of creation of Autonomous heating systems for private and country houses. If a century ago, almost all homes were heated by wood stoves over the past time in the big cities were built trunk systems of a heat supply and means of heating the premises, in private homes has increased significantly. Modern private house can be heated using stand-alone systems running on gas by using efficient equipment running on different types of solid and liquid fuels. Recently become increasingly popular heating and power system using renewable energy. One of these advanced environmentally-friendly solutions are solar panels to heat your home. Solar panels for home heating Solar battery is a high-tech device which converts the inexhaustible energy of the sun into electrical energy. Such devices are widely used for several decades and successfully operating in many household appliances such as in watches or calculators. Modern production has allowed to make production of solar cells sufficiently cheap that not only helped them to be powered by a miniature device but also to create on the basis of solar energy an Autonomous system of relatively large dimensions, for heating of country houses and ensure them a sustainable energy supply. Despite the rather high initial cost of the equipment of a private house complete with solar package total operating cost of such equipment is relatively low as a result, the price of a kilowatt-hour will consist of start-up costs for the purchase and price necessary maintenance works. Divided into rather long lifetime of such equipment the final price of a kilowatt hour will plummet. But what to do when in the sky there is no sun or it is obscured by clouds scheme of solar heating First and foremost is to provide a backup power supply. It can be like an ordinary mains and stand-alone generator able to produce electric energy. In addition reasonable solution would be equipment private house a battery power backup which will accumulate the energy during a low consumption. Such a system accumulates electricity in the afternoon or in the daytime, and returns it to the mains of your house at night or in cloudy weather. When calculating the required area of solar panels it is necessary to consider that one square meter of such equipment will give to your network about 120 watts. Now go

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