Solar panels for home heating

04 january 2017, 04:49

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Solar panels is a technology developed by scientists recently. It often is used for additional power supply. Also solar panels are actively used in heating of houses located in the country or of heating a country house. With the advent of such technologies have appeared the desire to find light sources and ways to obtain inexpensive and most importantly effective things for extra energy. The principle of operation of solar cells is the formation of electrical energy they do not accumulate and do not form it. In direct contact with the sun on their surface, they are immediately translated into the current and are removed from the panel. Each plate can produce 250 watts and therefore to improve the operation principle of them trying to set closer to each other. The current obtained as a result of photosynthesis through the dispenser gets to the batteries and then the inverter to the mains at home. The principle is simple and at the same time efficient through the semiconductor. The semiconductor contains atoms which may due to external electron capture, or to repel other electrons. As a result, the surface of solar is covered with this material. This semiconductor are Selenium and Silicon. The main advantages of solar panels The heating which is produced solar panels is unique. It is better than the heat producing gas heater or steam. Any kind of heating can not be compared with the solar plates. Advantage is the maintenance of batteries and their elements. Their shelf life is great don't have any reason to call on the help of the wizard. The most worthy plus the inexhaustible source of the Sun. While it shines in the sky energy will be in abundance always. Several disadvantages the main ones are Standard solar panels usually included Directly included in the standard kit when you purchase The table below shows the cost of each item separately Most people buy complete solar panel kits for them have a table which will help you to understand that it is better to buy The scheme of the device is solar The cost of installing solar panels varies at different prices. There are two kinds of battery installation alteration roof replacement of the roof on solar wafers is removed the whole roof. Many people will find that the battery is too large for the roof but it is not. Specifically for such cases produce solar panels which are very similar for example to the shingles. The cost of such installation by modern standards, about $ 50. But the price of a conventional battery installation averages $ 25 again, all depends on the type of batteries for home heating and

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