Solar panels for villas are: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin film modules

04 january 2017, 04:49

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Modern people a day consumes an enormous amount of electricity derived from nonrenewable fossil resources. And this is at a time when over our heads every day the sun emits billions of kilojoules of energy, the price of production which is equal to zero. That is why today, gaining increasing popularity of so-called renewable energy sources which are environmentally clean and safe solar panels. Such devices are able to convert the sun's energy in much needed electric current which can be used by the consumer in his daily needs. The system of Autonomous power supply Installation on the roof provides sunlight In the view of the majority of inhabitants solar panels are a device capable of accumulating energy from the sun. But in reality, the process of converting sunlight into electric current is much more complicated, see also article Coverage suburban area instructions for using scrap materials. Let's consider in more detail what it consists of solar panels on the cottage Diagram of the operation of the product Please note that automation allows you to switch the device is plugged in to the emergency network if power outage occurs. And after the power supply resumes switching backup electricity in standby mode. Having considered the composition of such products can be sure that solar battery is not just a module for converting solar energy into electricity. Of course the converters play a vital importance in such structures but besides these, there are a set of additional elements. Depending on the type of the used solar module there are several types of products of this type Please note the Main difference between the solar modules lies in the type of base material used in their manufacture. The manufacture of such elements is carried out from the silicon crystals of high quality so they are most effective. Please note the Crystals for such devices are grown in industrial conditions. Manual for their creation was developed by a scientist Czochralski. Devices of this type are cheaper because of their production using materials of lower quality. The performance of such modules is equal to 12-15% while monocrystalline modules performance up to 20%. Such structural elements are made of amorphous silicon or other metals with the necessary impurities. Compared to the above presented options, this is the cheapest and unproductive. The efficiency of this system will be

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