Solar panels - solar energy

04 january 2017, 04:48

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empty 8 903 130 88 17 Sort by name ascending | descending price ascending | descending rating ascending | descending 350000 RUB. 40900 RUB. 55500 RUB. 70900 RUB. Was 130500 RUB. 222700 RUB. 36500 RUB. 5400 RUB. 20900 RUB. 15200 RUB. 7500 RUB. 16800 RUB. 9400 RUB. 11100 RUB. 25500 RUB. 20880 RUB. 16500 RUB. 12600 RUB. 14600 RUB. 15700 RUB. 19900 RUB. 18800 RUB. 23500 RUB. 3740 RUB 4340 RUB 5380 RUB 7800 RUB. Was 9000 RUB. One of the most promising areas in alternative energy today is the use of solar energy. Earlier solar panels were used only in space but today solar energy is gradually starting to be widely used in daily life. Every year the interest in this form of energy increases as solar technologies have enormous potential. Solar battery is a battery solar panels made from semiconductor materials which accumulate the energy of solar radiation. Further this energy with the help of special equipment is converted to electric current. With such batteries it is possible to create solar plants of various capacities that will possess such characteristics as stability and reliability. Solar electricity-namely, solar panels have many advantages the most important of which is autonomy independence, solar installations on external sources of energy. Of great importance is the fact that for conventional electricity must be paid and the energy of solar panels is free. In addition to the advantages of solar energy also include the ability to collectively connect to solar power, independence from power outages from raising tariffs on environmentally clean and silent operation of solar power plant operation life of solar panels is 25-30 years, the problem of voltage surges is missing. In addition to areas remote from the electricity use of solar panels could be a boon. Thus solar power is a source of electricity is reliable and ecological security is the Foundation of future energy The offer is not a public offer. 127055 Moscow, Butyrsky Val

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