Solar panels Sunspare – pure natural energy available to you

04 january 2017, 04:48

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High quality monocrystalline solar modules for projects of any scale and purpose. The sun's energy demanding customers Two manufacturer - two quality standard - flexible pricing policy The sun's energy demanding customers Renewable energy is the most promising and profitable in today's world which already is very active, there is a lack of various resources prices are rising and ordinary people increasingly difficult to afford even the basic and necessary things. In this regard, the company Shrike has developed a unique project for the production of solar Sunspare suitable for home use. The production of solar modules is a complex and technically demanding process but the result exceeds all expectations because in the end you get a universal source of energy for which you need to pay only once and you need energy you can get for many years is completely Autonomous. In order to achieve optimal results, we pay great attention to the manufacturing process of its products. Our solar panels are created on a professionally equipped factory in China staffed by experienced professionals and has a multilevel quality control system. Also the production of solar modules is based on careful selection of consumables. We select only the highest quality aluminum from which made the housing and the expensive monocrystalline silicon And class. As a result, our solar panels offer the highest strength and durability. They are perfectly withstand any external influence sudden changes in temperature, rain snow and even hail. The minimum warranty on our panels 5 years despite the fact that even after the warranty period, the efficiency is only reduced by 10 percent. If you would like to save money and gain energy independence in our online store can purchase solar panels in bulk with a very nice discount. Among our range you will easily find suitable options in size and shape and the appropriate cost will be an additional factor in favor of buying. We pay great attention to the technical equipping of the factory of the manufacturer and carry out a thorough quality control in order to provide you with only the best and reliable modules. It does not matter whether you wish to purchase solar panels wholesale or retail our experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the advise about all the details and advise on the best and the most profitable option. Other manufacturers of solar panels in the country are unable

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