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04 january 2017, 04:48

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Russia has enormous potential for almost all renewable energy sources of renewable energy including photovoltaics. Solar energy according to many forecasts is one of the most promising sectors of renewable energy In comparison with other kinds of electricity production from renewable energy sources, solar energy has the greatest potential for long-term growth. Kits solar power Components of solar panels Portable power Led lamps Security motion Street lights and lamps Our work After registration on the website is called almost immediately to arrange a time and address of delivery. And yet the discount did With the product is good package Integrity is not compromised. Will definitely buy from them again. The work was performed in full within a predetermined timeframe and in full compliance with the terms of the contract and the building codes established by legislation. In the course of performing its obligations, Sun Shines quickly and professionally coped with the task as taking into account our wishes as the Customer. Work with the firm Sun Shines for a long time. No complaints some positive impressions. We will continue to cooperate. I Express my gratitude to the staff of Sun Shines Ordered standalone the led street lamp 20 watt 10 PCs Order was issued 08.07.2015 and after 1 week were shipped from the company's warehouse. I wish you prosperity and success Ordered a set of solar panels for home sent by email and 5 minutes later I called the Manager. After discussing all the points on the equipment I received a detailed calculation of the cost. Everything is transparent and honest Equipment installed Sun Shines. I recommend and I wish you continued success Ordered standalone lighting in the car Park the key point was to install stand-alone solar lamps has been recommended by our partners and turned to Sun Shines. Calculation was made of the lighting equipment delivery and commissioning of missed deadlines. Special thanks to the Director-General to Alexander for personal control and a short time In June 2013, we ordered the installation of solar panels for backup electricity in our cottage and in the area the Sun Shines. We have three young children. We want to teach them to care about the environment. Just for the example Problems in the work setting yet was not the company employs good professionals. Recommend Solar panels for home company

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