The power supply system on solar seems very simple.

04 january 2017, 04:48

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The power supply system on solar seems very simple. As in most other systems of power supply from independent sources there are 4 main components yourself photovoltaic panels batteries charge controller and inverter converts low-voltage DC current to living standard ~220V. However, all elements must be correlated. And if the components common to all such systems, inverter batteries wires considered on a separate page here I want to consider components specific to photovoltaic panel systems solar cells solar panels and controllers for them. But of course first of all is considered the most important question is the choice of solar power or that in real life, with its inevitable limitations in financial and material resources is much more relevant how to determine what kind of result you can expect from solar panels varying nominal power that is, is the game worth the candle Determining the capabilities of the Sun The method of calculation Example of calculation Analysis of calculation results Spoon deltawing equipment The choice of battery capacity Selection of panels of photovoltaic cells Choice of panel sizes Choice of voltage of the solar battery Types of solar cells The choice of accommodation and the total power panels Tracking the position of the Sun The choice of controller Types of charge controllers The choice of power controller Multivoltine controllers multi voltage The calculation of the electricity needs for a particular mode of its use is considered on a separate page. Now we need to determine the capabilities of the Sun and before to start to invest in the creation of a system your money and your time to compare these features with your needs. The basis of the calculation of the expected energy production is power data of the solar radiation taking into account the weather conditions. It is desirable that the data were for different angles of inclination of the panel at least for vertical and horizontal orientation. A crucial issue is the choice of the angle of the panel. Having in mind the possibility of year-round use is to be preferred to angle 15 degrees more of latitude, besides the greater the inclination the less the bar will stay dust and snow. Moscow is 70° benefit of the ability to set the bar with a South orientation at such inclination, I have a deviation from the South direction of about 10° to the East unprincipled. In principle, there are other accommodation options are discussed below including the orientation of the panels on the East and the West but for such orientations, the existing data in the table are not suitable. The slope is selected.

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