The story of the creation of solar panels

04 january 2017, 04:48

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Photovoltaic solar panels are thin silicon disks that convert sunlight into electricity. The production of solar panels today more than ever important since they act as power sources in a wide range of areas including telecommunications, space industries, medicine, microelectronics, communications, etc. Solar panels in the form of large arrays are used in various satellites and solar power. The story of the creation of solar panels began in the 19th century and its production technology developed very quickly. The reason served as ongoing research in the field of conversion of solar energy into electrical energy. In 1839 Antoine-Cesar Becquerel presented to the chemical battery that is under the influence of the sun makes electricity. The first solar cell had an efficiency of only 1%. That is, only one percent of the sunlight was converted into electricity. In 1873 Willoughby Smith discovered the sensitivity of selenium to light and in 1877 Adams and day noted that selenium, when exposed to light produces an electric current. Charles Fritts in 1880, used gold coated selenium to the production of the first solar cell which also had an efficiency of 1%. However, Fritts considered their solar cells revolutionary. He considered the possibility of using free solar energy as a means of diversifying supplies of energy predicting that the manufactured solar panels will soon replace the existing power plant.With explanation in 1905 albert Einstein photoelectric effect, there is hope for the creation of solar panels with higher efficiency but insufficient progress has been made. In the mid-20th century research in the field of diodes and transistors gave the necessary knowledge for scientists. In 1954, Gordon Pearson, Darryl Chapin, and cal fuller produced a silicon solar cell having efficiency of 4%. Further cell efficiency was increased to 15%. Solar panels were first used in rural areas and remote towns as the power source for the telephone system where they have been successfully used for many years.Currently manufactured solar panels are not yet able to fully meet energy needs but they have become the main source of energy for artificial satellites. Existing fuel system and the battery had too much weight. Solar panels have a larger value of the ratio of energy produced to the weight, than other traditional sources of energy and are more cost effective.While the number of installed large-scale

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