The use of solar heating systems

04 january 2017, 04:49

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The search for an alternative energy source lead the owners of private houses to an interesting and promising solution. Solar panels for heating the house or cottage this is a joint fruit of high science and technology innovation. Thanks to the original devices it is possible to provide comfortable accommodation in those localities where they often cut off the electricity. Cottage remote from power transmission lines and gas networks, too attached to the benefits of civilization. Table of contents To heat the house this way to allow two very different types of equipment Collector for a private house. The equipment Freezing coolant pumped into special vacuum tubes is heated by rays and passes through the heat exchanger in the heating devices at the same time there is an accumulation of energy in the storage tank for use at night. Using collectors saves 60-70% of the cost of heating the house. The scheme includes For secure to the tank connect a backup boiler gas boilers single electric diesel biofuel or heat pump. When light affects the semiconductors with different levels of resistance between an electric current. It is based on this principle the action of the photocell. The battery module or panel is assembled from an array of tens of individual elements. The basis of all varieties of photovoltaic collectors is the silicon presented in the form of A powerful photovoltaic system suitable for heating medium size. The heating circuit It includes the following elements The current from each module is combined into a single stream with each panel removed, the power of about 250 watts. Through the controller current is supplied to the battery they charged the whole day then is inverted and falls into the mains at home. Heating by means of heating elements infrared elements warm the floor or wall electric water boiler. A preliminary calculation of the batteries To the solar heating system provides a comfortable temperature in the house year-round when calculating take into account that 10 m2 of floor heating requires a 1 m2 panel. To power electrical appliances, their power is multiplied by work time during the day and summarize. The result is divided by the capacity of one battery and get their number. On average a family of 4 persons for the complete supply of the desired setting 6-7 kW, 30-40 m2. For precision calculations take into account the duration of daylight throughout the year the average level of radiation in the region of the angle of the panels the battery capacity and back-up energy source. The convenience is that you can set the devices experimentally and then gradually increase. The cost of the battery pack

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