The use of solar panels

04 january 2017, 04:49

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Applications of solar panels is becoming more and more with each passing day. These devices successfully manifest themselves in the sphere of industry, agriculture, space and military industries and even in households. To understand how extensively the use of solar panels, let's take a little virtual tour of our vast world. Where electricity can not reach Unfortunately power line enveloped a large part of our planet still can't get to the most inaccessible parts which connect to the resources of power plants is more expensive than installing a solar panel converts into electricity daylight. Solar panels provide electricity to the Baikal station on the slopes of Khamar-Daban How do You think solve the issue of lack of electricity in some cut off from civilization houses to Install a power plant on liquid or solid fuel is expensive and flawed to the surrounding ecology than to use solar panels. Most of them sheltering roofs so that on a Sunny day they produce electricity which is enough for lighting and home appliances. A special project in Spain was more successful. For economic reasons a number of modern houses have been equipped with solar panels whose energy is used to heat water. Once disconnected from electricity shortage of hot water and the problem with the heating they are not threatened. House with solar panels on the roof are not affected by fluctuations in the mains Interestingly, such panels can be installed almost in any house such as a cottage or a house in the village which was not connected to the light. In order to ensure that the site conducted an experiment in which he placed a solar panel AP-640 way to buy it can be anyone on the roof of one of the houses. The result of a self-contained lighting inside several electrozavodskya devices TV refrigerator etc.. Solar panels AP-640 solve the problem of supply of homes The arguments for solar power are countless but the main one is sustainability. An example where the absence of harmful emissions solar panels in the environment has made them an alternative to traditional power sources was solar power plant located near the Spanish town of Seville. Solar panels hoisted on the tower on which was sent by the mirror reflecting and focusing light. Satisfied about 10 thousand nearby households are supplied with electricity converted from light from the sun. The largest solar power plant in Spain has a capacity of 20

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