Today: The selection and use of personal navigators GPS Overview solar panels for backpackers.

04 january 2017, 04:49

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Today The selection and use of personal navigators GPS Overview solar panels for tourists. Introduction As it is known from the Sun to us constantly energy comes in the form of radiation a sufficiently large power over 1000 Watts per square meter. From this stream with by using photovoltaic cells we can really take approximately 90140 Watt square meters. Solar battery consisting of one or more photocells and is the Converter which turns the light we need electricity. Now there are a lot of different the charging and feeding devices for solar batteries. Of course the problem arises choice. What are the characteristics of these devices should first pay attention to when buying Before only is the power output as it depends on how quickly solar battery can charge connected batteries or able to supply the load specified power. Note that many imported the chargers having a small area solar cells have many the compartments for the batteries. Created seems that they can quickly charge all of them. Actually it's just marketing trick and actual speed charging is determined by only the output the solar power battery that proportional to the area of its plates. And solar panels with small square plates and hence the low power really ineffective especially in our weather conditions. So pay attention to the area photovoltaic cells in solar panels and therefore its capacity as regardless of brand this battery or made on the knee its real efficiency in 9 of 10 cases will lie in the above the range of 914%. Power as you know consists of two parameters current and voltage and characteristics of the solar battery can to operate two of these values the maximum and working. Voltage is accordingly, the voltage without load and operating current current short-circuit and working. The difference between the maximum and work stress approximately 15-20%. When for a solar battery need strive to when connected the load, its output voltage would be still working specified in technical characteristics. In this case the power given by the battery will be max. This way it is advisable to choose a sun battery output operating voltage approximately equal to or slightly greater than what is required by our consumers. It makes no sense to buy the solar battery output voltage a lot of great demand because this excess power is just for

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