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04 january 2017, 04:49

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Write to us CASIO SOLAR POWERED The advantage of solar batteries in Casio watches You no longer have to think about replacing the batteries for 8-10 years. The latest development power hours from solar power has enabled the company to build Casio watches in such energy-intensive functions like barometer thermometer compass altimeter as well as you can unlimited to use lights and not worry about battery drain. Solar battery in a Casio watch can be charged from indoor light and in cloudy weather as little as 10 minutes a day to complete the work hours during the day. Solar panels are so small that they can be embedded in a variety of forms of design of Casio watches. PC clock battery The mechanism of solar batteries in Casio watches are extremely simple - a solar panel draws power from light energy as it would catch the light and converts it into energy for the battery which sends the power to the clock. The watch can be charged by any light source, even from the most insignificant. Place the watch in a place where they could get food from the light. If on the display appears and the battery indicator starts to blink this means that the battery charge is too low. Place the watch in a place where there is light until the charge indicator disappears from the display. Please note that all buttons are disabled until the charge indicator flashes on the display. If you are going to leave the watch in the bedside table or somewhere else where they will not be exposed to light turn on power saving mode so that the battery will spend at a minimum. It is advisable to be sure that the solar panel is exposed to internal or external lighting as much as possible during the day. However, it should be noted that charging in extremely hot conditions like those described below can lead to malfunction. 1. Leave the clock on the dashboard parked in the sun car. 2. Keep close to incandescent lamps or any other strong heat source 3. In places exposed to the long time direct sunlight Also note that the charging efficiency deteriorates if any part of the solar cell is covered and the amount of solar energy is hampered. Indicator RECOVER recovery appears to alert you to the fact that the solar battery recovers after the large load placed on it within a short period of time. All characters and backlight will be disabled during recovery. The indicator should disappear and normal operation should resume after restoring battery power. If the RECOVER indicator appears frequently C it says low battery

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