"We in the country have no electricity, asked parents to buy solar station the minimum DL

04 january 2017, 04:49

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In our cottage there is no electricity asked my parents to buy solar station the minimum to charge your phone and laptop now go to the country with pleasure is always connected and the Internet you can go. Live in the Krasnodar region, and many of the neighbors have already switched to solar electricity ordered the installation of the company Elav and was pleasantly surprised that I had a delivery absolutely free of charge also attached the basic diagram of the installation. I myself have all hooked up in less than a day. Bought a system 1 000 watts for a house in the suburbs. Brought to life. Happy. Put the installation on the construction site runs like clockwork, no complaints. Yes of course the sellers class. Didn't really want to buy but still bought it. Brought. Set. Demonstrated. Everything is fine. I have a gas boiler electricity demands. I trained to be an electrician at home I decided to complete the station with his hands contacted the company Elav guys helped pick up the parts ordered, I brought all and I had assembled a station for 3 hours. Now show the neighbors how it works. I have a two storey bath in which I live is also coming for the weekend to conduct electricity is not wanted and bought a solar power. Set it for three hours and I have to bath now. Long wanted to join the space technology and bought the panel. Fiction: nothing Out 220V. While I do not regret. In the village is often cut off light and want to watch TV. Choosing between gasoline wind and sun. Petrol-the noise and gasoline constantly needed. Wind noise is difficult, cumbersome and does not always blow. And the sun-that's it. But unfortunately the current in the wires is always cheaper. Bought the installation of 2 kW. For home very pleased with the result fridge TV and lighting work, and that's all I need. Would recommend. Bought the sun station for questioning and it is for the fridge often, we shut off the light now about the safety of products concerned. Now all the neighbors suggest. After reading many reviews I decided to purchase a solar station to cover the tracks on the site after the installation on my site lights up like in a fairy tale every day waiting for the evening to sit and admire the lighting. Panel dragged to the roof and got a long broom to clean the snow. This works like a charm. Firm installs fine. I also bought this thing. But apparently it was necessary to select more powerful. Can then add power. And everything works. And who knows dear kW is obtained Long heard about solar panels and when choosing a country house in Domodedovo saw a working installation. Was impressed. Showed me and I immediately ordered the house and installation. Not regretted never. I bought a solar system for the greenhouse first, a lot of thought and

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